Mirror, Mirror on the Wall (or maybe not!)

It is a while since I wrote my last report so given the New Year is upon us, I thought it would be good to start as I mean to go on with snippets of design advice to enhance a living area or space.

Mirrors have always held an allure for me – there are so many designs to suit period style, or just personal taste. They can be the solution to tricky problems when looking to play down space limitations or to focus on a beautiful feature.

With careful thought, choice of mirror and the right placement, a mirror or a collection of mirrors can lift a room scheme to reflect your personality and style.

For example, a mirror can intensify existing lighting and brightens a room through amplification and reflection. It is also great to use in areas with limited natural light. To attain a certain romantic ambience, complement with candles, art and original lighting.

if you have a small or narrow room and you would like to counter this limitation, consider the use of mirrors to visually increase/double the size of the space. Equally, if you wish to emphasise the dimensions such as with a long, classical narrow hall a mirrored wall at the long end will do the trick.

Current trends in London and the U.S are moving to patterned wallcoverings which tend to have their own problems when considering adding anything to the walls. A painting may get lost or clash with the overall colour scheme whereas a mirror will fit nicely and add a desired focal point/break up a bold pattern.

Mirrors can be used as a backdrop to beautiful pieces – let a mirror sit behind a sculpture or even hang a painting in front of the mirror.

A small mirror, if set in a bold frame can still be the centre of attention.

Do you want to bring in light or flora from outside into the space? Think about placing a mirror to reflect hues and views from an opposite wall or bring in the greenery.

What kind of mirror should you choose from a myriad of designs and styles. There are wall mirrors, floor to ceiling mirrors, large mirrors which can be lent against a wall with dramatic effect, group a cluster of mirrors, find a bold frame, go frameless and let the mirror itself do the talking. So many decisions! Let me help you to choose the right mirror for your home.

Happy New Year to you!