Maximalism – Chaos in an Orderly and Stunning Fashion!

Many of us love the minimalist look which involves limited colour palettes, pared back on the pattern, functional furniture placement and this suits many tastes.

Occasionally, I feel clients opt for this look for the lack of inspiration that will work on another level.

Exciting times are right now as Maximalism resumes its place as a full on interior design style, allowing you to express your personality with a mix of styles, eras and cultures.  Yes, do refer back to centuries past when maximalism was key such as in the Renaissance.

How can we successfully achieve this style?  Mix patterns everywhere with bold furniture pieces and soft furnishings.  If you thought art could not sit in front of wallpaper well think again!  Key is to ensure that the scheme does not feel stuffy or overdone – the ability to create chaos in an orderly and most definitely stunning fashion.

“Maximalism is the epitome of the passion, power and joy that can be expressed through a room, and is a much needed switch up from the long-serving minimalism, boho and farmhouse norms.  Glamour and luxury are making their mainstream comeback”, says interior designer Marilynn Taylor.

There are few rules with Maximalism– interiors should be fun and exciting and give you something to be happy about.  Pick out a colour that really sings for you, such as an emerald green or rich purple from one of the leaves or flowers in one of I.D.ology’s collection books, and then bring those colours onto a cocktail chair and a fabulous pair of velvet curtains.   Look for the shade that will draw the eye from one piece to the next, but always remember symmetry to keep the room looking balanced. When you keep the space symmetrical, you can layer even more and still keep a sense of balance, even in a room that mixes colour and styles broadly.’

If you are nervous then try it in small doses and bring in a few colourful cushions in clashing tones, such as hot pink and tangerine, and try scattering them on a plain, dark sofa or simple chairs. If you’re feeling braver, try bold wallpaper in a smaller room; adding drama in rooms that you simply pass through makes it easier to get used to and build up from, before taking it into rooms that you really live in.

Maximalism is all about saying “yes” to the items that make your heart sing and bringing them into your home whether they match or not. Mixing materials and styles makes for an interesting home, bringing surprising elements in that your guests might not expect.  Chic Maximalist style is a balancing act between eclecticism and carefully-thought out design.

Tell your Story

‘Think about what you want to express with your interiors. Maximalism is at its best when there’s a common theme running through it, some kind of visual theatre to tell a story.

Go Be Brave and True to You!!