How to Use Pattern Effectively

Hi Everyone

The use of pattern can be daunting but by following a few rules you can get it right resulting in a sense of individuality and breathing life into a room.

Small, medium and large.  When choosing pattern size use different sizes as if two medium pattern sizes could tend to compete against each other.

Yes, you can mix pattern types such as checks with stripes and florals – just stick to a colour palette to tie in your choices.

Consider pattern styles also, I have the widest range of luxury wallpapers and beautiful fabrics to suit all tastes, from traditional to contemporary.

Use colours taken from key pieces in the room.  If you have a lovely piece of artwork in the room choose similar colours for the patterns. As an aside, I recently read of the Feng Shui benefits of looking at a beautiful landscape for example to obtain a sense of wellbeing and positivity.

Don’t forget about another surface, the floor. Rugs can add pattern and drama tying in colour and adding another dimension to a room – texture!

Best wishes to you all