Considered Lighting?

When updating your interior to optimise the final outcome you really do need to consider lighting and the effect you would like to achieve at differing times of the day or in different areas.

Lighting is sometimes forgotten. How many times do you see a home with a standard pendant or an orderly row of ceiling lights with no specific consideration around purpose?

Start early in the re-design process to get the best outcome. Set a floor plan and designate areas where lighting needs consideration – a reading corner, lighting over a table, focus on a work of art for example. Next, do you want to be able to change the light effect to suit the mood- a cosy night in for example?

I.D.ology is able to offer the Nordlux/Design for the People range of Scandinavian lighting available with optional I-Dual control. This allows the light intensity to dim or heighten, change colour, offer warm or cool options. daylight reading and much more.

I am always happy to pop around to demonstrate the amazing yet simple aspects of the I-Dual control system which is very easy to use and even more affordable!