Bespoke Designer Rugs – Art for the Floor.

Hi Everyone

We are working with British suppliers of bespoke rugs who are members of the GoodWeave labelling initiative.

It is so difficult to find the right rug to complement a room scheme yet it really is essential to get it right!  Let us meet with you, take a look at the intended room to ascertain your likes and dislikes, interests and other material factors.  We then collaborate with you and designers to work out a beautiful design that will be ethically produced for you.  You can be involved throughout the process, from initial ideas to reviewing designs and tweaking, to receiving the most wonderful rug of excellent quality.

Prices will be quoted per square metre and, as the rugs are handmade, there is a requisite delivery time but the wait is well worth it!

Ethically Strong

GoodWeave works to end child labour, forced and bonded labour in the rug sector and run an independent inspection and labelling scheme in India, Afghanistan and India. They also provide education for rescued children and extensive community support to help prevent exploitation.